Cash or Credit only please- no more checks

As of today we can no longer take a check.  We are sorry for the inconveniences but we have had some people write us bad checks and then it costs us even more money to try and get that money and the bank charges back.

Thank you all for making our Grand Opening amazing!

These boys just bought the last of our cupcakes. WE ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING!!! God is good. 15 minutes before we close on our last day and we dont have 1 item left for sale. I'm blown away! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out the bakery and buy some [...]

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Cannoli Wedding

We got our wedding cake and cannolis through these ladies and the cake and cannolis turned out PHENOMENAL!!! The presentation was over the top amazing they were great to work with and their cake/cannolis were delicious! We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cake for any occasion! Thank you so much!!!

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